We have been serving Middle Tennessee since 2004. Our  Clarksville location has  a warehouse and showroom staffed with friendly and experienced sales associates, who will help guide you in selecting the perfect tile for your project.

The Florim Tile Outlet provides high quality tile at affordable pricing. We offer a wide assortment of tile flooring (mosaics, trims, wall tile, and floor tile). Visit our  showroom to find the perfect tile for you.




The Florim USA Tile Outlet offers 1st Grade Products as well as Second Grade and Select Grade Products at factory direct prices.


First Grade:

First Grade tile has been tested and confirmed to be free of defects.


Second Grade:

Second Grade has defects. Usually, the defects are minor, but sometimes can be

severe. The most common defects are chips, pinholes, glaze drops, grog, sizing, or shading issues. You may also encounter more than one shade on a pallet. We are unable to let you know what defects the tile may have or how severe the defects may



Select Grade:

The most common reason for Select Grade is texture difference, screen difference, or the color is out of range. The color being “out of range” means that the tile will be

lighter or darker when compared to the display shown in the Florim Tile Outlet Showroom. We are unable to let you know what defect (shade, texture, or screen

print) the tile may have at the time of purchase.